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The HUMAN TRADE NETWORK is an experimental setting for a global theatre to respond to globally connected topics and contexts. In this case, four theatres on three continents work together to research from different angles and various perspectives on the topic of human trafficking and work exploitation, or put more broadly: how human beings are being sold and bought. The partners involved – the Indian Ensemble Bangalore (India) with Abhishek Majumdar, the German Theatre in Sibiu (Romania) with Gianina Carbunariu, the Théâtr'Evasion from Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) with Ildevert Mehda and Luca Fusi, and Theater Freiburg (Germany) with Julia Reichert and Clemens Bechtel – will conduct a networking research in Africa, Asia and Europe. The partners work in tandem (Germany-Romania/ India-Burkina Faso) and support each other in the research.

The German Federal Cultural Foundation supports the project, covering research travel costs and ensures that „travel-size“ versions of the international productions can be brought to Freiburg in 2017  – where all artists involved will also work on a joint lecture performance combining their research.

The HUMAN TRADE NETWORK is funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation and the Romanian Cultural Institute Berlin.

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July 19, 2017 1

The Meeting – June 25: DAY 6

On our final day of the Human Trade Network all artists came together to continue the work on the final [...]